In the beginning …



The terrain of an island in the virtual environment Second Life is completely adjustable. Mountains can be lowered and low lands can be raised. Rivers and canals can be created. Grass, trees and rocks can be added.

To create the Confirmation Islands, we divided one main island into five adjacent islands of different sizes.

Overhead View 1_004

There are user-friendly editing tools in Second Life that enable you to modify the land without having to know special software coding/languages.


Houses, buildings, furniture, vehicles, signs, avatar clothes and other material goods can be made or bought from other players that make things to earn a living.

Overhead View 1_003

A map of the Confirmation Islands is located on the main dock on the main island.

CI Directional Sign_001


There is an amusement park featuring water-slides and a giant Ferris Wheel.


Amusement Park1_002

Driveable go-carts, cars, helicopters and boats.

SLIC 3-A_026

SLIC 3-A_028

SLIC 3-A_016


A church with confessional booth, stations of the cross, altar settings and prayer stations.


SLIC Church Praying_002


Road signs named after Catholic Saints. Click on the base of the sign to reveal information about that Saint.

St Sign 1_002




To return to the Confirmation Islands portal/website, click here.



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