The Virtual Church

The video posted above introduces you to a virtual church in a virtual environment. The church’s target audience is people who are open to the Word, but who, for various reasons do not attend a ‘brick and mortar’ church. The second video is for those inclined to brush off virtual environments as a childish or…

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For those in the church looking to leverage secular/social activities (like basketball, bowling, etc.) to lure young people to the Word, video gaming should be among your considerations. In the eyes of many people that don’t play video games, video games are seen as cartoonish murderfests or juvenile hegemony (dominance by one person, social group…

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Teen – Social Justice – iRadio

Today, less than a quarter of the young teens receiving Confirmation in U.S. return to Church once they move on to high school. For those teens, the Church just “doesn’t seem relevant.” I asked our 7th and 8th graders what would make religious education more relevant to them and I was told “more interaction.”  Young…

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Bringing the Word to Life

As the CRE of my local church, I encourage catechists to occasionally use puppetry to convey Biblical stories to the younger children (G1 – G4). So that others might benefit from all the work put into the puppetry presentations, the Mott Street Puppet website (link below) was created to share scripts, set design tips and lessons learned.…

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Church: a Tourist Destination

Many churches have some local historical significance … oldest building in the community, first ‘such and such’ church, etc. Such a distinction can be leveraged to build traffic and donations. Our church was built in 1801 and sits in the heart of a historic district of New York City. For decades, tour groups have stopped…

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Back to School

When I tell friends I recently took a specialized business management course online, I sense they’re thinking, “online? … must be boring and dumb-down.” Nothing could be further from the truth in the case of the Villanova School of Business Master of Science in Church Management online program. [And no, I haven’t been paid for…

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Parish Management Group

After graduating from the Villanova Church Management program, several classmates and I established the Parish Management Group; a think tank and management consultancy focused on the application and continued development of the new science of parish management. Central to successful parish management is professional and moral ethical behavior, fiduciary responsibility, environmental stewardship and social justice. The work…

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The Catholic Church in China

Located just down the street from the once infamous Five Points in the heart of New York City’s Chinatown stands Transfiguration Church.  Built in 1801, the church building was first used by Dutch Lutherans. As Manhattan became less Dutch and more English, it evolved to serve an Episcopal congregation. The Roman Catholic Church bought the…

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The Face of Catholic America

“The face of Catholic America is changing. Today, immigrants make up a considerable share of Catholics, and many are Hispanic. At the same time, there has been a regional shift, from the Northeast (long home to a large percentage of the Catholic faithful) and Midwest to the Western and Southern parts of the U.S.” —…

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What is Church Planting?

A growing number of Americans believe in Christ but not the Church. In what might be considered a counter trend, we have the growing popularity of church planting. If you’re unfamiliar with the movement, here’s the lowdown … “All (growing) denominations surveyed placed church planting as a very important, if not the number one, strategy…

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Confirmation Prep Online

Our church is considered a Sunday morning destination church. 95% of the parishioners do not live in close proximity to the church. It’s almost impossible, for example, to bring 40 children preparing for Confirmation together on any other day. And on Sunday morning, these same 40 children are attending religious education classes (formerly called CCD).…

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