The virtual church at home.

The video posted above is an introduction to a church that I manage in the online, virtual environment of Second Life. The church’s target audience is people who are open to the Word, but who, for various reasons [mentioned in the video], do not attend a ‘brick and mortar’ church. The NBC news report/video posted…

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Teen – Social Justice – iRadio

These days, less than a quarter of the young teens receiving Confirmation in U.S. return to Church once they move on to high school. For those teens, the Church just doesn’t seem “relevant.” I asked our 7th and 8th graders what would make religious education more relevant and I was told “more interaction.”  Young people…

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Bringing the Word to Life

As the CRE of my local church, I encourage catechists to occasionally use puppetry to convey the Word to the younger children (G1 – G4) enrolled in the religious education program (formerly referred to as CCD). We create sets, develop puppet scripts and dress puppets to tell classic Bible stories. So that others might benefit from…

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Church: a Tourist Destination

Many churches have some local historical significance … oldest building in the community, first ‘such and such’ church, etc. Such a distinction can be used to build traffic and donations. Our church was built in 1801 and sits in the heart of a historic district of New York City. For decades tour groups have stopped…

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